Our most important value is human!


Özel Group is aware that the competition that has been developing and changing since the company’s inception can be achieved with the people who have been invested in. It has adopted the highest quality and the importance of high performance and the principle of continuous improvement in all of its works. We know the importance of providing equal working opportunities regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, political approach or physical status. Within our company, we act on these defined principles in all areas; from job postings to recruitment and placement, from career to status change, from employee activations to wages, and other rights and training elections.

Respecting the moral and material rights of our employees, sharing individual and corporate values, quality, peaceful, and a happy working environment is one of our most important goals.

In our company’s human resources policy, the relevant institutions have adopted the principles of raising the knowledge, skills, compliance, motivation, satisfaction levels of our employees, and provided the necessary infrastructure for realization of these principles. It is a privilege to be able to join Özel Group family consisting of friendly, innovative, information-sharing, provides fast solutions, reliable, customer-oriented employees who have adopted these principles.

The most basic elements that bring Özel Group to the point where we stand are are that our corporate culture and basic principles have been adopted by all our employees; and that all our employees, especially our senior management staff, are open to continuous learning and development. In order to ensure that they are improved continuously, as a primary objective, we review and update all our human resource tools according to the conditions of the contemporary world and thus keeping them dynamic.