Özel Group is one of the leading group of companies in Turkey and has merged different multi-faceted businesses in its body.

OZEL MACHINERY, which has developed its experience in machine making and machining manufacturing sector, also designs, produces, and assembles equipment for use in-house in the production areas of the most important automotive brands in the world.

CFS Structure, thanks to its staff who are specialized in constructing exceptionally high-quality prefabricated and steel structure designs driven by the demands of our customers, serves in all areas of cold-forming, and in addition to the construction sector it also operates in open profile discipline with its subsidiary, CFS Profile. CFS Structure, with its highly-skilled specialized staff and shaped by customers’ wishes, produces luxury buildings and outdoor structures, in perfect line with our commitment to the highest business ethics.

Since its incorporation in 2002, MENAT is active in general trading of materials, equipment, petrochemicals, contracting and consultancy in general. It is highly active and networked in North Africa and Middle East. The field of activities are briefly summarized.


As ÖZEL GROUP; we create professional institutions that can be evaluated and observed through similar and universal references in all of our subsidiaries,

- To ensure that these institutions are able to compete with their competitors both on a regional and global scale and that each institution becomes a sought-after company in its own business area with its technological infrastructure,
- To maintain the value we give to the world and human beings with sensitive environmental policies in all of our subsidiaries.
- To fully identify and meet the wishes of our customers and employees.
- To capture technological innovations by applying the latest and reliable methods in production and service.
- To meet the requirements of the reference standard ISO-9002 to ensure the quality and the sustainability of the system.
- To ensure that our policies and objectives are fully understood and complied with by our employees.
- To follow the developments of our vendors/manufacturers in order to achieve common goals.
- To continuously improve the quality of the system, and to ensure participation through audits and trainings.
- To produce without errors, to prevent waste, to use various statistical techniques to reduce costs and to analyze the results statistically.
- To be in continuous development by paying attention to effective communication, participatory behavior, and teamwork compassions in our relations.
- To protect the environment, to use materials/technologies that do not harm the environment and human health.
- To ensure the continuity of education in order to have an organization that is constantly learning.
- To invest in the well-being of humans and humanitarian conditions.