Since its incorporation in 2002, MENAT is active in general trading of materials, equipment, petrochemicals, contracting and consultancy in general. It is highly active and networked in Turkey, North Africa and Middle East. The field of activities are briefly summarized. For more information regarding our organization please visit the corporate website @  

MENAT is the sole agent of Zeeco Inc. that delivers high quality combustion equipment (such as flares, thermal oxidizers, burners and spares) for numerous industies such as refineries, petrochemical, misc. O&G industies and other combustion related industries. For more information; please visit   

Trading and Rentals:
MENAT carefully studies the requirement of buyers, through its vast network of producers & stockholders, it offers its customers the most efficient solutions to supply their demands. Furthermore, depending on customer requirements, MENAT can hire and rent misc construction and other equipments with required certifications and Maintenance.   

The partnership of MENAT is composed of 5 highly experienced enterpreuners from different backgounds including trade, manufacturing and contracting. The partners’ vast knowledge and background allows MENAT to find the foremost solutions for the company’s customers in numerous fields ranging from engineering solutions to machinery selection and from logistic support to finding new markets for products.