Our company, which was established in 1996, manufactures machinery and serves as a sub-industry to the main manufacturers of iron and steel sector.

It also provides machining services to companies manufacturing machinery with its 5000 m2 closed area factory.

machining; is the process of shaping materials, such as metal, plastic, wood through or from the inside of that material.

In order to shape a material with the desired properties (surface, shape and size), a set of tools and a particular force applied to remove materials in the form of layers is called machining. The layer of separated material is called chip. The type of chip varies according to the geometry of the cutting tool used, the progress, and the material processed.

Advantages of machining:
- Different materials can be processed.
- Chips of different geometries and sizes can be obtained with machining.
- Opening screws
- Drilling holes
- Smooth corner and geometric parts
- Smooth measurements and clean surfaces can be obtained.